Blog – Bill Bryson’s ‘Shakespeare’.

So, I’m currently reading the above mentioned book.

Although I’m only a short way into it, I can’t help but be drawn straight into the story of Shakespeare’s life, with help from Bryson of course. After being a huge fan of Bryson’s famous travel series (I read them all within the space of a year), I couldn’t help but pick this up too. Now, I don’t claim to have a particularly keen interest in Shakespeare but I am keen to learn more about the largely well known, yet ridiculously elusive figure.

Even the first chapter tells us that very little (and I mean very little) is known about old Bill. It is said that there are only three paintings/likenesses of Shakespeare, one of which may not even be him. Another thing is that there are only six known signatures, from Shakespeare’s own hand in existence, all of which spell his name differently. It’s clear that little is known about him, but I’m definitely looking forward to finding out more.



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