Month: October 2013

Blog – ‘Fall’ Season US TV Shows

So its that time of year again when the US begin their ‘Fall’ season of TV programming (i’m a few weeks out).


I’ve been looking forward to catching up with the shows that I watch and seeing whats going to happen in the new season. At the moment i’m watching the following:
– The Big Bang Theory,
– Parks and Recreation,
– Modern Family,
– How I Met Your Mother,
– The Walking Dead.

I have been watching Breaking Bad too but thats over now (as if we didnt know!). Although i’ve been looking forward to watching these shows theres one in particular that I just don’t enjoy anymore, in the slightest and that is How I Met Your Mother. ‘HIMYM’ as its known to fans has become sadly predictable, stagnant and ridiculously boring, in my eyes anyway. Personally I find the show completely unfunny now and i’m pretty glad that this is going to be the last season….i’m not particularly bothered about watching this season but I might as well see it out until the end.

Sadly, The Big Bang Theory is becoming a little dull too, what started as a gentle nod to ‘nerd-culture’ has become a tiresome cliche. There aren’t any individual characters that are annoying per-say (except maybe Barry Kripke) the characters aren’t particularly interesting either. The common comparison of Penny and Leonard / Ross and Rachel from Friends is becoming clearer with each season…they’ll get married at some point and live happily ever after, that’s it. Its not going to go anywhere else and the journey to that point has grown old.

Two shows that I really do enjoy though are Modern Family and Parks & Recreation. These two, I suppose, are younger in comparison to the other two so are much more fresh and interesting and are actually well written and funny.

Not much can be said for the new season of The Walking Dead (as it hasn’t actually started yet!), but I’ll be sure to write a post when it does!



Blog – Breaking Adam.

Sunday saw the finale of hit US drama ‘Breaking Bad’.


Even though the show is now over, i’m a long way off seeing the finale. Like every other ‘hit’ show I always end starting to watch them way after they first begin airing, this happened with Lost, The Big Bang Theory, Game Of Thrones, 30 Rock, Modern Family…the list goes on. I started to watch the unraveling of Walter and Jesse’s adventure little over a week ago and i’m currently (literally as I type this) up to episode seven of season 2. I have to say that what i’ve seen so far has been completely brilliant. I’m usually very picky with American TV so I was surprised that I took to this so easily but as I said it is superb. Its dark yet witty, with complete balance of character progression and excellent writing working together to create an all round hard hitting show.

I’m looking forward to working through as much as I can over the next week or so and getting to the finale as quick as I can so please, no spoilers!