Month: March 2014

Blog – But who beats Daniel Bryan?

Its just over one week until WWE’s biggest night of 2014….Wrestlemania 30!

Now obviously there is going to be the ‘Streak’ match, where Brock Lesnar will aim to topple The Undertaker’s undefeated run at Wrestlemania, but the focus of the night is arguably the Bryan/Triple H/Orton/Batista angle.

I think its fairly clear that Bryan beats Triple H earlier in the night to earn himself the right to enter the main event for the title and i’ll go as far as saying that Bryan probably wins the title on the night too (that’s if WWE does whats ‘best for business’ anyway). Of course, unless they string it out and have Hunter go all the way? Not the worst idea but certainly not the best. However, the issue that WWE has after this is just how they deal with continuing Bryan’s success and popularity as a babyface.

I honestly don’t think that WWE need to do anything special with Daniel Bryan, just keep it entertaining and build long, meaningful, fueds that bring some credibility back to the title. The main title has been bandied around far too much in recent years and now its time to make that belt actually mean something to the talent and the fans! The very fact that it’ll have taken Bryan so long to hold the belt already adds a level of spectacle to it that it hasn’t had in a good while.

After all is said and done, if Bryan doesn’t win at WM30 (which will be a shock and very much the wrong decision on WWE’s part) he WILL win eventually, unless Vince is well and truly becoming senile in his old age. The issue that they have after he finally does become ‘champ’ is, when does he lose it?

Just imagine, the hype, the anticipation, the waiting for Bryan to finally do it, however long it lasts (a long time hopefully), who will finally beat him for the title? The fact that Daniel is so ‘over’ with the fans at the moment, who on earth would want to be the guy to take that title away from him? At the moment I cant see a single talent that is worthy of taking that away from him so someone exceptionally special needs to either come along, or step up, to take on that challenge.

Clearly there is an extremely bright future for the likes of Roman Reigns, Seth Rollins and Dean Ambrose individually (perhaps Reigns and Rollins more-so), along with Cesaro et al, but are any of them ‘good enough’ to take that away from the biggest fan favourite in recent years?

Who knows…



BOOK REVIEW – Half Bad by Sally Green

First of all, this isn’t what I’d usually read. However, that said, I thoroughly enjoyed this novel by new writer Sally Green.

It’s actually very difficult to talk about this or even read it without thinking of Rowling’s boy wonder Harry Potter- a young boy, finding himself in the world, a new-world, coming of age…ring any bells? It certainly did with me, but fortunately I put that aside and gave this the attention that is so deservingly should have.

Initially the book starts with very short ‘mini-chapters’ that add to a quite frantic pace that doesn’t relent throughout the whole 375 pages (I feel like it was a very quick and altogether seamless read). Before you know it, you’re half way through the book and the story is well on the way, throwing us right in at the deep end.

Nathan and his grandmother’s close relationship is evident from the offset and you are genuinely on the edge of your seat through certain parts. One part in particular had me cringing with every word (fellow readers will know which part I mean!).

Usually I’d like to add a small bit about the actual narrative in here but I feel that anything would probably ruin the story so I’ll leave it to you to read for yourself!

All-in-all I’d say that this is a valiant effort from Green, especially considering that it’s her first novel and I highly anticipate the follow up. The next Harry Potter? Quite possibly!

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Paperback is out now from Penguin Books.
ISBN: 9780141350868

Blog – 75 Celebrities you will never look at the same way again…

After reading this post on Buzzfeed the other day, I couldnt help but post it here.

Some of these ‘facts’ are inane drivel but some of them, if true, are brilliant.

The Tim Allen one in particular:
‘5. Tim Allen was arrested in 1978 for possession of 1.4 pounds of cocaine and was jailed for two years.’

Oh and dont forget:
’35. David Bowie’s eye is permanently dilated because of a fight he got in when he was 15.’