BOOK REVIEW – Half Bad by Sally Green

First of all, this isn’t what I’d usually read. However, that said, I thoroughly enjoyed this novel by new writer Sally Green.

It’s actually very difficult to talk about this or even read it without thinking of Rowling’s boy wonder Harry Potter- a young boy, finding himself in the world, a new-world, coming of age…ring any bells? It certainly did with me, but fortunately I put that aside and gave this the attention that is so deservingly should have.

Initially the book starts with very short ‘mini-chapters’ that add to a quite frantic pace that doesn’t relent throughout the whole 375 pages (I feel like it was a very quick and altogether seamless read). Before you know it, you’re half way through the book and the story is well on the way, throwing us right in at the deep end.

Nathan and his grandmother’s close relationship is evident from the offset and you are genuinely on the edge of your seat through certain parts. One part in particular had me cringing with every word (fellow readers will know which part I mean!).

Usually I’d like to add a small bit about the actual narrative in here but I feel that anything would probably ruin the story so I’ll leave it to you to read for yourself!

All-in-all I’d say that this is a valiant effort from Green, especially considering that it’s her first novel and I highly anticipate the follow up. The next Harry Potter? Quite possibly!

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Paperback is out now from Penguin Books.
ISBN: 9780141350868


  1. I keep seeing people review this and I feel like my resistance is finally breaking down. Is it part of a series? I don’t think I could start another series just yet.

    1. Give it a go I say. The good thing is that it’s only part of a planned trilogy so you’re not signed up to a long series in the style of HP. I really did enjoy this book and it shows a lot of promise for the future.

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