BOOK REVIEW – Dragon Shield by Charlie Fletcher

Following on from the ever popular (and rightly so) ‘Stoneheart’ Trilogy comes Dragon Shield, the first in an all new trilogy of books from Charlie Fletcher. The brilliantly written ‘Stoneheart‘, its follow up ‘Ironhand‘ and ITS follow up ‘Silvertongue‘ will be hard to beat, but Charlie is definitely up for giving it a go.

Set within the same realm as the previous trilogy, Dragon Shield tells the story of Will and Jo who are thrust into a mysterious world of which they only dreamt. However this world comes with its fair share of consequences, one of which is fire-breathing dragons. With the streets of London as a backdrop, Will and Jo must adapt to a world of statues that are able to come to life and terrorise those who dare step in their paths!

The synopsis for this books reads; “Something dark has woken in the British Museum, and it has stopped time, literally freezing the city in its tracks. The people are there, but unmoving, unseeing – like statues. The statues, on the other hand, can move, and are astonished at what they see.” The perfect summary of a thrilling, twisting and turning novel that is bound to excite and invigorate all ages.

This reader found it to be well written, not too simplistic (as can be expected from other books of this type), with good character progression and emotion in bounds. The ideal start for younger readers looking to explore new genres. And there’s Dragons- what’s not to love?

Buy from
Out on 03/07/2014 from Hodder Childrens
ISBN: 9781444917321

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