BOOK REVIEW – The Three by Sarah Lotz

Four disasters. Three survivors. A message that will change the world…in summary, this book is the story of exactly that. Four planes crash at roughly the same time, but in completely different parts of the world and on completely different continents. Strange enough to start with, but it doesn’t end there. There are only four survivors, three children and one woman. The woman, Pamela, manages to stay alive long enough to record a very cryptic message on her phone. This message as the synopsis suggests ‘will change the world’.

The book is written as a book-within-a-book comprising of articles, interviews, online forum posts, conversations and Skype meetings. The book ‘Black Thursday: From Crash to Conspiracy’ aims to explore ‘inside the phenomenon of The Three’, and boy does it do that!

I found myself instantly drawn in right from beginning, wanting to read and read until the end. That said, it did take me quite a while to get through this, mainly because of the sheer amount of characters that we meet and the different writing styles that are used to convey the difference in parts of the book (i.e the variation between a conversation with a family member and the style of the forum posts). However, that doesn’t reflect on the actual writing itself as I found this to be fluid and engaging for the majority of the book.

In my whole reading lifetime I have never read anything quite like this. It is spooky, full of suspense and contains quite sudden turns in both form and narrative. This book is like the love-child of Stephen King, Lost (the TV series), Justin Cronin and M. Night Shyamalan. Brilliantly thought out until the very end…

Since finishing this I’ve read quite a few rumours online that there are talks to do a sequel and even a TV series, both of which I hope are in the works.

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Out now from Hodder & Stoughton Ltd
ISBN: 9781444770360

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