BOOK REVIEW – Books by Charlie Hill

Anger by name Angry by nature. Richard Anger is the owner of a small independent bookshop in the suburbs on Birmingham, where he is constantly fighting against the state of the modern publishing industry. Having been left alone by his girlfriend, whom she left for another man, Richard is at the end of his tether, book sales are down and so is he. As much a professional bookseller as he is an alcoholic, he has to find something or someone who can keep him from tipping over the edge.

While attempting to relax on a short break in Corfu, he is witness to the collapse and ultimate death of another holiday-maker, who just so happens to be reading a manuscript by novelist Gary Sayles. Gary Sayles is someone who Richard really doesn’t like and I mean really. His books are boring, easy, stuffed with rubbish….lazy writing at its finest. Richard is not alone at the scene of the death as there is also another witness in the form of Neurology Professor; Lauren Furrows.

Lauren begins to investigate the apparent accidental death and soon realises that it all ties into something that she is currently working on, a neurological condition known to her at SNAPS. The investigation leads them to believe that bad fiction, such as that written by Gary Sayles, could possibly…also definitely kill you! Could Gary Sayles’ books be the cause of the death? Would you need to read a whole book or just a few words?

Books by Charlie Hill is an often laugh-out-loud novel that is expertly crafted to include fantastic characters, twists, turns and drama at every page turn. Richard is the type of character that you both want to hug and punch at the same time and perhaps Lauren is the perfect candidate for that role. Secondary characters Pippa and Zeke are like no one you’ve ever met…well no one I’ve ever met anyway, thankfully. Satirical and just really very good, there’s not much more I can say for this.

Fellow Brummies, such as myself, will also enjoy the home-town references laced throughout the book. In all honesty this is, for me, is one of those rare finds that I legitimately love!

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Out now Tindal Street Press
ISBN: 9781781251638

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  1. As a fellow Brummie myself, I am now very interested in reading this book. Thanks for sharing your thoughts.

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