BOOK REVIEW – Solitaire by Alice Oseman

Solitaire is the story of Tori, the average teenage girl, living in an average world. Like most girls (and boys) of her age she is kind of happy in her little world that she’s created for herself….but she’s also kind of not happy. Its complicated. She’s got her friends, she’s got school and she’s got her future all lined up in front of her, where does she go to Uni? What does she do? How does she decide to take her life in the path that she wants? As if that isn’t enough; something happens one day that changes most of what she’s already decided she wants, her life is flipped upside down and all because of a few ‘little’ things.

Tori is suddenly torn away from her comfort zone after the events of some internet pranks (Solitaire) and the introduction of a boy, forcing her to deal with the real world and her life. This is not just a love story…

The events of Solitaire are fairly easy to figure out quite early on but I think that’s what the author was going for. This isn’t a book that is going to leave you hanging on the edge, trying to work-out the culprit like a whodunnit crime novel, this is a book that is going to make you want to read on and on, page after page, loving every single world that is there in front of you.

Each word you read you really believe…the writing is so real and the emotions that come across brilliantly depict the life of a modern teenager. Knowing that each day could change the rest of your life, whether it’s because of your friends, family, decisions that you make or even something completely out of the blue. I know that a lot of people on Goodreads have been saying this but the fact that Alice is only 19 adds so much to the book. This is why the writing is real and this is the reason that those emotions just are so true to life.

This is an ideal read for fans of the more realistic novels aimed at teenagers, less of the vampires and werewolves and more of the realities of life as a young adult finding their way in the world. If you enjoy this and other books by the likes of John Green and David Levithan then you may also enjoy The Year of The Rat by Clare Furniss, which I’ve also reviewed!

Buy from
Out now Harper Collins Children
ISBN: 9780007559220


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