BOOK REVIEW – The Year of Reading Dangerously by Andy Miller

You know those books that you really meant to read? All of those classics that everyone has always told you that you should have read? Well not to worry, Andy Miller has read them for you! Ok well perhaps you could still dust them off and give them a read….but before you do that you should read this book!

Like most of us Andy hadn’t read War and Peace, he hadn’t perused the pages of Moby-Dick and he certainly didn’t count The Master and Margarita as one of his ‘read’ books on Goodreads. The issue that Andy had/has is that he simply didn’t have time to read; attempts at snatching a few moment before bed were unsuccessful and reading on the train was a no-go for sure, Andy wanted to change this. The literary world promised so much to Andy that he knew he was missing out on.

This idea lit a light bulb in Andy’s head, what if he could read fifty books in the space of one whole year, fifty books that he knew that he should have already read? This experiment took one man’s mind to unknown places and in turn saved his life! If nothing else then you’ll learn about the similarities between The Da Vinci Code and Moby-Dick!

This is exactly the type of book that you can easily delve into, reading whole swathes at once or even just a chapter or section at a time (in those afore-mentioned snatched moment at bedtime or on your lunch break!). Andy’s writing style is just brilliant and hilarious and you’ll often find yourself trying not to laugh on the bus to work. The other thing that I really enjoyed about this was the insight that we get into Andy’s life and the real reasons as to why he hasn’t read some of literature’s most esteemed books. I, personally and perhaps ashamedly, haven’t read most of the books that we come across in here but this has inspired me to at least attempt a few of them…maybe.

Just an afterthought before you decide to toss this one aside, this is far more than a list of 50 books that the author hasn’t read and why you should read them…it is a journey into one person’s life, filled with tit-bits of wisdom and wit. He mentions enough of each book to see why he has chosen it but not too much so as to induce boredom! This is an excellent account of 365 days in the life of a common reader!

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Out now 4th Estate Books
ISBN: 9780007255757


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