BOOK REVIEW – Ex Libris by Anne Fadiman

Like me, you will no doubt have an interest in books (not sure how you’d have got here otherwise!). Those brilliant, often mysterious objects that sit on our shelves…sometimes never being touched, but strangely always being loved. Books are one of those things that really will always be there; despite the growth of the Kindle over the past few years or so.

So we’ve established that I (and you) like books. So how about books about books? Even better! Ex Libris is a quaint little book about books. Anne Fadiman has done a brilliant thing by encapsulating what it is about books that people just love. Under the premise that Anne and her husband had decided, after numerous years, to mix their books together, Ex Libris is a collection of essays that range from the surreal to the bizarre and all the boring (in a good way) bits between.

The essays within the book range from topics such as book classification, how to order correctly, the joy of reading aloud and many others. This is one of those small books that you’ll either pick up based on a recommendation from a bookseller (like myself) or just because it catches your eye. Trust your eye with this one, its a cracker of a read and not one that will disappoint. A brilliant little tome of snippets that you’ll find yourself smiling and nodding along with in agreement. Not one that will have you laughing out loud but one that you’ll surely enjoy.

It now sits proudly on my bookshelf with the other ‘books about books’.

Buy from
Out now from Penguin Books
ISBN: 9780140283709


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