GUEST BOOK REVIEW – The Trap by Andrew Fukuda

Guest Reviewer: Ami  (@mama_roach)
This third and final instalment from Fukuda, ‘The Trap,’ reveals the unexpected finale of Gene and the remaining humans’ journey.  Believing that they are the ‘Origin’, the holders of the cure for a deadly virus, Gene and Sissy have set off on a train into the unknown, in order to save the human race. The book begins where the train ends… Will they survive long enough to reverse the effects of the deadly virus?

As with the other books in this hidden-gem-of-a-series, Fukuda takes the reader on a thrilling journey from start to finish. There is plenty of action and blood ‘n’ guts, but there is also Gene and Sissy’s relationship at the core of the story. With the humans (hepers) now right in the heart of danger – the dusker’s world itself – Gene is faced with a choice, one which could either save his own life, or protect what is morally right.
There are moments that will leave you questioning the weird world of the duskers; but after all, they are not human. You will question many things. In fact, everything you thought you had figured out is turned upside down. This story provides many twists that will keep the pages turning at an addictive pace.  The clever ending really does this series proud. Fukuda is a Gene-ius!

Buy from
Out now Simon & Schuster Ltd
ISBN: 9780857075482


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