GUEST BOOK REVIEW – Four by Veronica Roth

Guest Reviewer: Ami  (@mama_roach)

If you want answers following ‘Allegiant’, don’t expect them here. What you can expect though is a wonderful retelling of the series, told from Four’s perspective. Roth splits the narrative into the different stages of Tobias Eaton’s life – transferring to Dauntless, becoming Four and meeting Tris, but also includes exclusive ‘never-seen-before’ scenes (which we have, actually, seen before, but not in this way.)

Whilst still being in shock from ‘Allegiant’, this book is a unique way for fans to revisit the series and replenish ‘happy’ levels. I actually enjoyed reading about Four’s transfer, more so than Tris’s. Being a more complex character than I originally thought, Four has an interesting story to tell, before he meets the girl of his dreams. Characterisation is at the heart of this book, with no need to expand the world originally built in the series, but seeing the world from Four’s perspective enables readers to delve deeper into the history of the factions and discover that there was more to Four than being a love-interest.
Having originally wanted to tell the story through Four’s perspective, we can see Roth’s background for Four’s character truly at the forefront, which is never revealed in the Divergent series. It is certainly a worthwhile read, as it changed my perspective of his character completely.

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Out now from HarperCollins Publishers
ISBN: 9780007582891

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