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First of all, I read…quite a lot actually so this is the place where I’ll be collating all my book reviews and book thoughts.

When I’m not writing book reviews I work as a Bookseller at a very reputable national chain of bookshops (you can probably guess where), hence the sheer volume of books I get through each month!

I’m also always keen for any guest reviewers to get in touch if they want to submit a review for my site, just send me a comment on any post!


Oh and to try and explain the name, well, the name originates from the first episode of the British Comedy series ‘The IT Crowd’ (see here for more). If you haven’t seen it then ‘The IT Crowd’ is about two male IT support staff (Roy and Moss) who are joined by a female colleague (Jen) who they (mainly Roy) immediately try to impress by pretending that they are more sophisticated than they appear, this is from the script from that episode:

Moss and Roy enter out of Jen’s sight. Retreat then re-enter.)

— Roy: Yes, I believe it was Tolstoy who said…. ooh it seems we have a visitor. I’m sorry, myself and Maurice were just engaged in quite a serious discussion about books and such. And didn’t hear you come in.

— Moss: Wait a second, you said it was Tolstoy who said what?

— Roy: Ah, never mind that now Maurice.

— Moss: When have you read Tolstoy?

— Roy: Shut up Maurice.

— Moss: Why are you speaking in that weird voice. When did.. I don’t remember this conversation at all.

— Jen: Don’t let me disturb you, I just wanted to come down…

— Roy: Oh, don’t be silly you’d never disturb us.. (falls over)



You can also find me Tweeting and Instagraming (?) at the following links:

Twitter: @thebooksandsuch
Instagram: the_drums
My YA reviews are also on: YA Birmingham


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